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Demodogs Doors & Crown Molding Door Repair Services Restores Safety to a Jacksonville Property

Demodogs Doors & Crown Molding offers fast and reliable door repair and locksmith services in the event of damage due to vandalism, break-ins, natural disasters, or accidents of any kind to any door, entrance or entryway system of a Jacksonville home or business. Our skilled and trustworthy technicians provide 24 hr. emergency door repair services in the Jacksonville area that restore security, eliminate worry and return your doors to good working condition.

When door replacement is not an option: Demodogs Doors & Crown Molding offers minor or major repairs

No matter how insignificant the damage to a door might be, why compromise the safety and appearance of your home or business?

Demodogs Doors & Crown Molding offers residential door repair services for:

  • Door frames
  • Sliding doors
  • Screen doors
  • Patio doors
  • Swinging and sliding doors
  • Screened patio entrance
  • Metal, steel and wood

Ask about our practical, energy saving weather-stripping repair services for incredible value and savings!

Guaranteed prompt response time in Jacksonville

Demodogs Doors & Crown Molding commercial door repair services include:

  • Handicap accessible automatic entryways (ADA)
  • Automated entry systems
  • Wireless and key access systems
  • Overhead, roll-up or pulldown commercial doors
  • Security gates and entrances
  • Metal, steel and wood

Demodogs Doors & Crown Molding’s licensed and insured repair team operates fully equipped service vehicles with the necessary hardware to remedy any type of damage to doors and other entryways. For damaged entryways, doors or automated systems, contact Demodogs Doors & Crown Molding for immediate assistance at (904) 625-3395