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Based in Jacksonville, working in St. Augustine & surrounding areas

Phone: (904) 625-3395

Door Repairs

Demodogs Doors & Crown Molding offers fast and reliable door repair and locksmith services in the event of damage due to vandalism, break-ins, natural disasters, or accidents of any kind to any door, entrance or entryway system of a Jacksonville home or business. Our skilled and trustworthy technicians provide 24 hr. emergency door repair services in the Jacksonville area that restore security, eliminate worry and return your doors to good working condition.

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Door Installations

The installation process starts with an in-house pre-scheduled visit at your Jacksonville home or place of business to discuss the project, take measurements and provide a free cost estimate. Following an inspection of the project area, the existing doors are removed and installation begins with the professional application of insulation, caulk, trim and essential hardware. Deadbolt and lock fittings are also provided.

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